Thoughts are to our bodies as seeds are to the earth. Where we plant them, they will grow. If we plant negative thoughts in our mind they manifest themselves in our bodies and grow to impact everything in our life (even our physical appearance). We often find ourselves caught in these cycles of stressful and negative thinking, incapable of redirecting our minds towards positivity. When this happens our thoughts slowly begin to affect every aspect of our lives. Our actions, body language, conversations, habits and character all change as a result of injurious thinking.

“All we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything, what we think we become” Buddha

Meditation can be referred to as a tool used to align and redirect our thoughts. Through meditation we are capable of training our minds to cultivate stable positivity and reach a state of inner peace. This practice allows us to take a time out and silence our minds from the hustle and bustle. It allows us to find balance in the midst of this crazy stressful thing we call life. When we begin to meditate we suddenly become aware of our thoughts and gain the control we need to ensure negative seeds are not planted. We become capable of deliberate thinking, and posses the power to choose where our minds will take us.

Through meditation we may gain healthier, more exuberant bodies, stronger relationships, and admirable intentions.

There are various methods and means of meditation. You may choose to be seated, standing, eyes closed or open. You may also decide to meditate on a particular subject or mantra, connect to religious thoughts, or simply clear the mind. Your meditation should be personally suited to your needs.

What is Mediation?

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Meditation Mantras

A mantra is typically thought of as a sound or utterance repeated over and over to encourage meditation. It can be anything from a single word to a long detailed phrase used to set an intention. The purpose is to cultivate a specific mindset and shift your focus from negative to positive. Choose one that speaks to you each week and use it as an instrument to fine tune your thoughts.