Kicking the Common Cold


Tis the season for a stuffy nose,  scratchy throat, and that annoying cough that never seems to go away. Our bodies must have some supernatural instinct, as soon as October hits the colds and viruses start to  fancy us with their presence. While the changing weather has a lot to do with it there may be another piece to the puzzle. This is the time of year when we start to kick it into high gear. Summer break is over and we are back in school, work, and attending to various obligations. We are constantly running around in a frantic quest to check the next thing off our to do list. As soon as we think it can’t get any worse we are suddenly reminded of the glorious holiday season right around the corner. Shopping, cooking,  cleaning, entertaining, the list goes on.We are overwhelmed wth social events and family gatherings, overcome with stress and anxiety. We have this constant pressure to do more, work more, be more.

Our bodies are screaming at us to STOP.

If you find yourself plagued with the dreaded flu or even a small case of the sniffles give your body the attention it needs. Take a day, call in sick and focus on rest and rejuvenation.

Below is a list of natural remedies to get you back on your feet:

  • Garlic-one of the worlds superfoods, with its antibacterial and anti fungus properties it has proven to relieve coughs, clear the sinuses, and boost the immune system. Add it to smoothies, soup or even consume it raw
  • Herbal Tea-green tea in particular contains antioxidants proven to help fight colds. Pour yourself a nice hot cup of tea, snuggle up and enjoy the benefits.
  • Vitamin C-cold season is the worst season to skimp on your vitamin C. It contains  nutrients that aid in natural defense, reducing mucus and clearing the respiratory system. Lemon, oranges and other citrus fruits are great sources.
  • Cinnamon-cinnamon is a natural antiviral and antibiotic, it aids in quick recovery and fights against illness. Add it to your tea, soup or yogurt.
  • Chamomile Herb-a wonder herb and natural relaxant. Chamomile h
    as been found to dramatically calm the nerves, reduce inflammation and fevers and reduce ailments. Sip on some chamomile tea before bed each night.
  • Neti Pot-my dad swears by this one. While it is a little gross and a bit painful I have to admit it does wonders for congestion.
  • Fermented Foods-fermented foods are great for the immune system. Try some kimchi, or kefir.
  •   Apple Cider Vinegar-I saved this one for last with good intention. Apple cider vinegar has recently become a phenomenon in the health community. It is said to have a host of benefits including relief from stomach pain, soothing sore throats, lowering cholesterol, preventing indigestion, aid in weight loss, curing acne and much more. Add one tablespoon to your tea, warm water or some honey. If you are brave enough throw it back as a shot.


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