A few weekends ago I decided to take a break from the crazy college atmosphere and spend the weekend at home with my lovely parents. Sunday afternoon we had lunch at one of my favorite little café’s the Wolf-I highly recommend if you ever find yourself in St. Louis. Their walls are filled with artsy pictures, maps and unique quotes. I found this one in particular extremely interesting.

Seeing the beauty in life is something that can lead to a paradigm shift. If we set our mind to focus on the positive and not dwell on the negative our quality of life has the potential to significantly increase. Part of focusing on positivity involves looking for beauty. Every human being and every situation has something beautiful to offer. From simple conversation, to the warm glow of a falling sunset, there is always a marvelous aspect to be observed.

Natural beauty is something I have been trying to focus on lately. It is common in todays society that we find ourselves searching for unfulfilling beauty. We look to our phones and obscene music when in reality these are artificial creations that distract us from the natural world. We often find these creations unfulfilling, leaving us wanting more, bigger and better. Our focus becomes distorted and the potential for contentment is overruled by negativity and dissatisfaction. Instead of continually dwelling on the negative we should shift our mindset to one of acceptance and positivity. Even the little things have the power to bring beauty and brightness to our lives. Something as simple as a conversation, a moment of connection or even a small touch can instill in us feelings of warmth and joy. Natural beauty is everywhere and can have a major impact on our lives if we let it.



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