50 Healthy Habits


My name is Julia Hatzigeorgiou and i’m a pinterestaholic.

Yes, for the past five years I have been struggling an ongoing battle with this little demon.

With the sensational images of food, surreal vacation destinations, and an “ultimate guide” to pretty much anything you can think of, it’s a sneaky little time consumer. One of my favorite elements of this beautiful scrapbook is it’s wide variety of quotes. It is here where I find inspiration, motivation, and the occasional afternoon pick me up.

There is one image/list I always find myself going back to.

It is called “50 healthy habits.” As I turn back to this list day after day I have decided to do some rearranging and create a list of my own.

  1. Start Fresh every single day
  2. Put down your phone when you’re out with people
  3. Try the 2/30 rule- 2 hours of TV 30 minutes of exercise
  4. Enjoy the outdoors
  5. Cut back on (evil) sugar
  6. Drink warm water tea with lemon daily
  7. Don’t try to keep up with the Jonses, you’ll lose
  8. Start biking (even if it’s a little)
  9. keep healthy snacks on hand
  10. Stop beating yourself up 
  11. Don’t do drugs. It’s that simple
  12. Take care of your clothing (and yourself)
  13. Eat whole foods
  14. Don’t overdo the booze
  15. Use SPF and wear a hat in the sun-this one’s for you mom
  16. Don’t rely on pills if you can’t sleep
  17. Don’t look to pills when there are other options
  18. Drink at least 8oz of fluids a day
  19. Make your home a place you want to spend time
  20. Don’t buy things you’ll only wear once
  21. Use youtube for free exercise YOGA videos
  22. Make your own cleaning supplies
  23. Drop loose change into the same jar daily
  24. Stand up for yourself
  25. AVOID TANNING BEDS like the plague 
  26. Take medication seriously (look for natural remedies)
  27. Listen to your body
  28. Don’t skimp on sleep
  29. Do mental health checks
  30. Read labels on everything from food to makeup
  31. Prioritize stress management
  32. Always wear a seatbelt
  34. Floss once a day
  35. Sneeze into your arm NOT your hand
  36. Count to 10 when you’re angry
  37. Never let google diagnose you
  38. Take constructive criticism
  39. Treat everyone with respect
  40. Make time for yourself
  41. Practice creativity
  42. Think before you speak
  43. Embrace optimism
  44. Eat breakfast
  45. Surround yourself with positive people
  46. Try something new
  47. Wake up early
  48. Eat avocado
  49. Inspire and be inspired
  50. Enjoy simplicity




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