Unplug and Unwind


It’s two in the morning and you can’t sleep. Your mind is racing, body wide awake and all you can think of is how desperately you want to be in a deep, mesmerizing reverie. Thoughts begin to bounce around in your mind; “do I get up? walk around a little bit? “Maybe I need some water…” “Counting sheep is always a possibility.”

AHA! got it, i’ll check my  phone. And that’s it. Once again you find yourself in the trap of scrolling, refreshing and slowly deepening into depression because you didn’t get invited to that party.

We’ve all been there. I’ll admit i’ve been absorbed by the taunting little screen more than once. With the world at your fingertips they make it pretty hard to stay away.

The world of technology can be a beautiful thing, bringing us quick access, easy communication, and best of all online shopping but does it cause us more harm than good? , Mental exhaustion, chronic insomnia, lowered energy levels and let’s not forget FOMO, are all direct results of the use of technology in society today. Immersing ourselves in our phones, or computers for hours on end induces a warped sense of reality and even raises stress levels. We become caught up in this expectation of “perfect.” A lot of the time we walk away with a false perception of the way the way life should be lived leaving us feeling empty and belittled. Nobody deserves to feel these feelings. It’s  saddening that something intended to do so much good can inflict so much harm .

The question now is what do we do? We can’t say put down the phone, computer, and all other technology forever and go back to an indigenous way of life (although I would love it if we could) in our society that is simply not possible. We have to learn to bring ourselves to unplug and take a break. The problem is we are over-attached. If we could learn to enjoy the miracles of technology without overindulging the world would be a better place. Remove yourself from the comfort of your screen and find comfort in the silence. Meditate, find space, allow yourself some peace and quiet. Solitude can be a beautiful thing, allowing us to feel grounded and find true contentment. If quiet is just not your cup of tea go outside, create, discover, embrace face to face contact and find the beauty in a real relationship. The most authentic version of life is happening before your eyes don’t miss out on all the opportunities it has to offer.

“We’re born, we live for a brief instant, and we die. It’s been happening for a long time. Technology is not changing it much – if at all.” —Steve Jobs

With that I will leave you to find the power button and immerse yourself in the freedom.








One thought on “Unplug and Unwind

  1. Good advice! We all need to take a break and pay attention to the people and things going on around us. Someone may need us to help or listen to them. Well said.


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